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Terms & Conditions of our repair services

By leaving or sending goods to our repair shop, you are hereby accepting our terms and conditions.

We do not accept any responsibility for loss of data caused by the repair process. If possible you should back up your device beforehand.

If further faults are found from the original diagnostic, or if a part goes faulty whilst under inspection, additional costs may occur, or the device could be deemed unrepairable.

Software licenses have to be registered and are therefore excluded from any warranty. Repairing infections such as viruses will not come with any warranty if you get further infections after it leaves our repair shop.

If an item goes faulty, it may need to be returned to the manufacturer. Products will be replaced with the same or equivalent. Deposits are required to secure parts and may not be fully refundable.

If goods are not collected within 6 months of completion, they will be disposed of unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Our work is guaranteed for 30 days unless otherwise stated.

Replacement screens are covered against faults for 30 days. If a screen is returned cracked, it will not be covered under warranty. 


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